A list of all Company Of Heroes Missions

I’ve had the game for years, but recently I completed the super difficult Mortain: Counterattack mission of the US campaign. This compelled me to go ahead and complete as many campaigns as I could. But here’s the thing – I wanted to find out how many missions were in each campaign and unless I’m doing something wrong, I couldn’t find a complete list of all missions in Company of Heroes, no matter what keywords I used in Google! So I am going to provide you with a list of missions in case anyone else wanted to find this information out too but struggled like I did.

Invasion of Normandy
US Campaign
Total number of missions: 15

1. Omaha Beach
2. Vierville
3. Carentan
4. Carentan Counterattack
5. Montebourg
6. Cherbourg
7. Sottevast
8. St Fromond
9. Hill 192
10. St. Lo
11. Hebecrevon
12. Mortain
13. Mortain Counterattack
14. Autry
15. Chambois

Operation Market Garden
Panzer Elite Campaign
Total Number of missions: 8

1. Wolfheze
2. Wolfheze: September Snow
3. Oosterbeek
4. Highway 69
5. Best
6. Arnhem: The Last Bridge
7. Return to Valkenswaard
8. Oosterbeek: Der Hexenkessel

Liberation of Caen
Commonwealth (British) Campaign
Total Number of missions: 9

1. Authie: Boudica’s Boys
2. Hill 112
3. Carpiquet
4. Carpiquet: The Airfield
5. Hill 112: Saving Sanity
6. Caen: Into the City
7. Caen: The Crucible
8. Caen: Storm Front
9. Bourguebus: Marching Onward

I am currently working through the remaining three, Tiger Ace, Causeway and the Falaise Pocket, I will update!


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