Minor Stream Updates

I wanted to share with you all some minor updates I’ve made.

Spend ‘Pennies’ in stream chat!

I have finally got round to implementing a currency in the stream chat. In the form of ‘pennies’, you can now earn pennies by being around in chat. The rate is (or rather, should be) 10 pennies for every 10 minutes in chat. If you have been past the streams before, you should already have some pennies to spend, so run !pennies to find out how many you have. There is only one thing you can do with Pennies right now, and that is !gamble. Use !gamble [amount to gamble 5-100] for a 50% of receiving back your bet+30%. Good luck! More games are on their way.

Sound commands is working again!

Hooray! Regulars can now (again, rather, should be able to now) run sound commands. Run !sounds for a list of available sounds. Currently, there is !applause, !ohno, !circus, and a new one called !party….

New Guides and Commands page

I have written a very small, quick guide here and a full list of available commands here.

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