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Kards – my favourite cards (so far)

Kards is an outstanding free to play CCG with a good community and supportive developers. Matchmaking is fair, with new players playing other new players, while those with tons of experience play with others at the top. As ever with these kind of games, time and patience will unlock a wider range of cards, allowing…
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Superfan Reviews – the comical, the sad, and the downright complexing

As users of Steam, we all do it. We peruse the gazillion amount of games in the catalog and a game catches our interest. Once you’ve seen the trailer, read the description, you then want to read the reviews. You’ve already seen that most of the reviews are positive, but you soon drill down to…
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From the Ashes

Through the faint clouds of ashes that swirled softly over the road, she saw the outlines of buildings that had been scarred by the war. For a moment she thought she could feel the ghosts of the people who once lived and worked here. The sound of the cups and saucers over the chatter of…
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The 2019 Annual Raskup

It’s that time of year again. That time where I round up my year of gaming, highlighting the best and worse of what I’ve played in the last 12 months, presented to you, the potentially interested reader, here. 2019 year has been a really good mix of games, with one or two really standing out.…
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Waiting for Miracles…my favourite Flower Kings album yet?

I can’t believe I’m even thinking this, but Flower Power may well have a contender for top spot of my favourite Flower Kings album. Eighteen years of some hardcore Flower Kings loving, albums have come and gone, some have been stunning (Paradox Hotel) and some have been not so stunning (Sum of No Evil). Waiting…
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