October 7, 2019

PlanetRask merging with Priority One Gaming

When I started streaming, I had no idea where it would go and what would be involved.

Four years later, 280 followers, a handful of awesome subscribers, and a community grew into a place called PlanetRask. Through PlanetRask I have met some frigging great people, many I hope will be friends for many years to come. It is a safe, friendly place for adults to come and chat, meet up for games and share content.

And I hope it will continue to grow in this way, but over in its new home - Priority One Gaming (P1G).

Some of you may know that Priority One Gaming has long been PlanetRasks sister community. Created by SoberManSecret and assisted by Krylo and myself, P1G has exactly the same aims as PlanetRask - it even has many of the same members. It strives to offer a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for people to hook up, chat and have fun. We have recently found an opportunity that may give P1G some exposure. At the same time, I have been speaking to some other small / hobby streamers who would rather focus on content and be part of a much wider community, but offer private chat spaces for those following or subscribing to the channel.

This is where P1Gs is stepping in – P1G wants to reach out to small streamers to offer a safe base for them to allow them to build their channel, share communities and not have to worry about managing servers and everything else that goes with that. Streamers will not only get their own set of text channels and voice channels, but there will then be a main ‘communal’ area for things like music, memes, game chat etc. At the same time, streamers will be inviting people into Priority One Gaming to be a member of a safe, growing group of gamers who just want to chat and have fun.

PlanetRask will be one of these communities. Not only do I think the PlanetRask Community will gain from being part of a group with other communities, but it will still have its private space to chat, and subscribers will still have their own subscriber chat space, a feature that all P1G streamers will have on the Discord server.


What the hell did I just read?
PlanetRask will be a part of the Priority One Gaming community. I will be a Priority One Gaming streamer.

Because I think there will be more value being part of P1Gs community. P1G will help it grow, it will help P1G grow, it will hopefully also help other small streamers to grow. It will help me focus on content, and also help me focus on other commitments and responsibilities.

But I love PlanetRask!
So do I, and everything it has become! Nothing will change immediately, and when it does change, PlanetRask will be a member of something bigger and, in my view, better.

So, the PlanetRask Discord, will eventually die?
Not in the near future, and possibly never! But I will be moving my activity over to P1Gs, and I would encourage others to come and join me. Everyone there is cool and friendly, and if things happen as we hope and envisage, it will continue to grow.

What about the channel?
That won’t change. I will however start streaming on a different platform when their service goes live on certain days, but I will still be on Twitch as I am now for the foreseeable future.

Another platform you say?
Howdoo is a brand new social media platform that is aiming to bring together the most important features of social media under one, clean platform. Read here about independent gamers looking at Howdoo - https://howdoo.io/howdoo-indie-gaming-in-midgard/

Personally, I think this is a positive step for PlanetRask and its members, active and non-active. We’ll all still be able to communicate as we do now, and hook up for games as we do now. It will help me, it will help P1G, it will help other streamers in the group, it will help gamers get together with other gamers in a cool, friendly and safe environment, while PlanetRask and other streamers communities will still retain their own private space. In my view, that’s a whole lotta win. If you have any questions in the meantime, then do please let me know!

In the meantime, come and join us in Priority One. Here are some links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/CYK9HAY
Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Priority-One

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