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From the Ashes

Through the faint clouds of ashes that swirled softly over the road, she saw the outlines of buildings that had been scarred by the war. For a moment she thought she could feel the ghosts of the people who once lived and worked here. The sound of the cups and saucers over the chatter of…
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Dimly lit posters hung the entire length of the dark corridor to the Reassignment Office. They repeated the party slogan over and over. “CONFORMITY. UNITY. PEACE.” Ethan stared blankly at the tiled floor – he knew the phrase by now. It was the sole purpose of his and everyone elses existence. Every day was like…
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Of all days

Of all days – Entry to the Phoenix Point Writing Competition © 2018 MattyRasker Ben woke to the sound of his mobile vibrating across the bedside cabinet. It was the midwife at the hospital. His wife had finally gone into labour. He got out of bed, got changed, grabbed his packed canvas bag, and was…
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Trevins Discovery

Preston was bored. Work had dried up this week in the Research Facility. He was surprised that any work came in at all – he was certain that humanity had researched every possible thing and proven, or in some cases disproven, every possible theory. Time travel, interstellar travel, the cure for cancer. Even world peace…
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Tea Planet

It was a regular Saturday evening in Winter for Rosie. She was sat in her floral high back chair by the open fire, with Bernie, her trusty Daschund companion of 10 years, curled up on the floor by her side. She glanced up from her crossword puzzle to the picture of her late husband that…
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