April 26, 2021

Minor changes to the channel - May 2021

Firstly, a massive thanks to those who support the channel, both in terms of followship and subscriptions. The last 3 months has seen a record number of you subbing, which *does* help the channel run, so if you do enjoy the content you see and you feel I'm worth it, hit that sub button. Remember, if you use Amazon Prime - you can use your Prime membership to sub to me for free. I still get paid by Twitch and it won't cost you a thing.

Now, onto the changes:


I've been running a schedule for the last few months which has given me a fantastic insight into who comes and when. Based on what I've learnt, and based on how I can better arrange my days to accomodate, I am making the following changes from the 1st May 2021.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:15 - 14:15PM streams will now not be a thing. Mondays and Fridays remain the same.
  • Wednesdays - TWO streams will be added on a Wednesday - 12:15 to 14:15, AND 21:00-23:00.

Sundays Chill Out Stream will remain the same.


Raskerbot is being demoted and nuked. It's a horrific pain in the backside to manage and with the availability of online bots which do much the same task, it has therefore been decided to ditch it. I will be using Streamelements bot for commands, apps and so on.

Sounds and Visuals

Visuals is going to be more of a thing, so they are staying and more are on their way.

In the event that Raskerbot is being nuked, Sounds are now going to be managed by the SoundAlerts Panel on the channel page, and also via Raskerberries Channel Point system. With the SoundAlerts Panel, there are some freebie sounds to play, some which require a subscription to play, and others that you can spend bits to play. The two sounds you can play with Raskberries, John Cena and Just Do It, have been reduced to 250 Raskberries to play.

TTS is hugely popular and its good fun to use, so that is staying.

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