Stream Guide

PlanetRask - home of MattyRasker

Commands for everyone
!discord – URL to Priority One Gaming Discord
!game – The game being played
!title – Title of the stream
!help – Help guide (you are already here as you read this 🙂 )
!playtime – How long I’ve been playing for
!rask – Shout out to show your support for the stream!
!support – URL to info on how to support me
!youtube – URL to my Youtube channel

Minigames for all
!slot – have a free flutter on the Slots for some extra pennies
!8ball [yes / no question] – ask the 8ball a yes or no question and you may just get a good answer.
!roulette – test your luck with Russian Roulette
!kill [name of someone in chat] – try to kill someone in chat without being caught by the cops
!hug [name of someone in chat] – the oppposite of kill

Commands for regulars

!sounds – as a regular, you have access to the sounds bank. List is as follows:





JC Denton

If you are not a regular, but think you deserve to be one, don’t be scared to tell me off and say hey dude, I’m a regular!