Yo Matty! I like what you do and I want to show my support!

Firstly, big thanks!

Twitch subcription

The single best way to support the channel and anything else that I do is to subscribe to my Twitch channel. Subscriptions start from £4.99. If you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to the channel for FREE - and it will still pay me the base subcription.

Apart from the Twitch goodies, what you get for subscribing is access to the Subscribers portal here on PlanetRask. In the subscribers portal, you will find a trove of music that I've produced since 2005 and short stories that no one else has access to. Also, as a subscriber, you get access to Subscriber chat in Discord - a chat channel specifically for subscribers, including subscriber only feedback on what you would like to see on the channel.

Find out more about how to subscribe over at

Buy my music

You can also buy my music over on Bandcamp. Find out more here