Yo Matty! I like what you do and I want to show my support!

Firstly, big thanks!

The single best way to support the channel and anything else that I do is to subscribe to my Twitch channel. If you have Amazon Prime, subscribing will cost you nothing, but will give me $5. For that subscription, I commit myself to at least two evening streams a week. If you don't or are already using Amazon Prime for another Twitch channel subscription, you can still subscribe with one of three tier levels - $4.99, $9.99, $24.99.

What you get for subscribing is access to the Subscribers portal here on PlanetRask. In the subscribers portal, you will find a trove of music that I've produced since 2005 and short stories that no one else has access to. Also, as a subscriber, you get access to Subscriber chat in Discord - a chat channel specifically for subscribers.

Find out more about how to subscribe over at