March 14, 2021

Alice in Borderland - A Japanese Series on Netflix

If there is something I admire about the Japanese, it is their ability to tell a moving story based on some absurd Science Fiction ideas. All the while, they are able to kill as many people as they deem appropriate, no matter their age, sex or relationship to the core characters.

Alice in Borderland features ideas from stories such as Cube, Battle Royale and any other "Games where people die if there don't figure it out in time" storyline you may have come across. It starts with the main character, Arisu, and his mates transported into a Tokyo where there is no one around except a select many who are forced to play deadly games in order to survive.

The story evolves as it progresses through the eight episode series, culminating in an ending with somewhat of a twist, leaving you guessing who is really to trust.

I myself have not seen or read the original manga so I have nothing to compare this too. All I can say is that this was an exciting, thrilling and entertaining Science Fiction fest with great characters and a lot of moving moments.

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