I've been gaming a long time. I grew up on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I had a Game Boy. A Super NES (SNES) around 1993. An N64 and a PlayStation. PlayStation 2. PlayStation 3. 
I started getting into PC Gaming in the mid 90s. The game Dune 2 is largely responsible for my love for strategy gaming on the PC. 

My favourite genres are Real Time and Turn Based Strategies, as well as Management and Simulations. Other genres I enjoy are Horrors and Racing.

Industry work

Most of the work I've done in the industry is with Snapshot Games. I had the absolute pleasure to be on the Phoenix Point booth both at PC Gamer Weekender and EGX Rezzed in 2018.

In 2020, as a contractor, I created content for Snapshot Games, again working on Phoenix Point. I worked closely with the Community Manager to produce video content for their YouTube channel. I produced and hosted the Launch Live Stream on the Phoenix Point Twitch channel, featuring Julian Gollop and the key developers talking about the game. Peak viewers was 25,000.

Since then, I've continued to contributed written content for upcoming online magazines. I write and assist with editing for The Strategy Informer, and I write for Indie Gems.

I enjoyed live streaming on Twitch for seven years, and I continue to upload content to my YouTube channel.

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