A brand new music project, influenced by sounds of the 80s, meditation, and computer game soundtracks.

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Track Listing

1. Wondastation
2. Chakra Seeker
3. Be My Guide (and I'll Be Yours)
4. Deep State
5. The Awakening Part 1 - The Awakening
6. The Awakening Part 2 - Resistance of Misinformation
7. The Awakening Part 3 - A New World
8. Deeper State
9. Enlightment 

Mission Statement

We live in difficult and challenging times. Our future is uncertain.
It's time we reflect, to find the truth and the happiness within us.
Exploring new ideas using a combination of atmospheric synthwaves, melodic electronic music and rock, deep basses, natural and electronic percussion, Wondastation seeks to do just this.  

Take a long, deep breathe

Close your eyes
Take a journey
Find your inner peace
Open your mind

This album is the result of a 20 year personal musical journey 

Music has always been a great love of mine.
Wondastation is a result of 20 years of self taught music production, exploration of a variety of ideas and techniques, combined with my own recent experiences in seeking my inner self.

Be good. Be Beautiful. Be You.
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