Steam 3000 Summer Sale 2022 minigame - Clorthax's Hidden Games

June 24, 2022

Blimey, what a pain in the ass this mini game is!

I love myself a Steam Summer Sale, and I love myself the minigames that come with it. Nothing will beat the Summer Adventure Sale of 2014 in my honest opinion, but I participate in them in any case.

This year, it's Clorthax Quest. Clorthax (whoever he is, a trickster apparently) travels back from the future and instructs us to find games that are yet to be released (as he's from the future, geddit?) hidden in the Steam Store based on some clues he gives you.

Now that the Steam Store looks to be working (it is always dodgy in the first few hours of the sale while the whole world makes an overwhelming number of http requests), I've been able to spend a little time trying to find them.

To put it bluntly, it's not easy.

First, let's dive into what the games you are looking for. They are, in numbered order, as follows:

  1. Guitar Billionaire
  2. Custard Castle Small Claims Court
  3. Bass Ain't Bitin' 2022
  4. Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate
  5. Actually...: Frankenstein's Monster Edition
  6. It's Probably Fine
  7. Help Get The King To The Toilet
  8. The Consecration Of Esthme
  9. Pro Poker Amateur
  10. Hold In Your Farts

So there's the list. But don't go searching for them using the Search bar at the top. That isn't going to work. If the game appears in search, what will happen is that you will be redirected back to the Clorthax minigame home page.

The idea behind this game, I believe, is so that you, the user, browses each category until you find 'the game from the future'. A very clever way to ensure you go looking at all those fantastic deals in almost every genre available.

So, the question is, where they hell are they!

  • When you are given a clue (at the bottom of the Clorthax minigame home page), click "Go Find It!"

  • When you do that, you will be taken to the page, which will be a specific genre, where the game will be located.
  • I never found them in the top Featured section. Instead, you have to scroll down and look at the Top Sellers section, and keep scrolling until you find it. I never had to click "Show More" more than 6 or 7 times, so if you find yourself clicking on "Show More" for the 20th time, you're probably not going to see it on this occasion. More on this in the next point:
  • You will also have to browse the sub sections to find them. Note: Sometimes I even had to refresh and then the game will appear, and sometimes they appeared under "Featured", sometimes they didn't. Is it random? I can't be sure - once you select it, you can't go and find it again, so I couldn't test that.

  • The game will have a price of TH.4X, and a button that says Click Me.

Once you've clicked on the game, you've completed that clue.

I won't spoil the surprise as to what you get at the end of it, but what I can tell you that this was a totally mind numbing experience, and one hopes for a more interesting game next year.

Be good, stay safe, and have fun everyone x



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