Waiting for Miracles...my favourite Flower Kings album yet?

November 10, 2019

I can't believe I'm even thinking this, but Flower Power may well have a contender for top spot of my favourite Flower Kings album. Eighteen years of some hardcore Flower Kings loving, albums have come and gone, some have been stunning (Paradox Hotel) and some have been not so stunning (Sum of No Evil).

Waiting for Miracles has come, and with it a new keyboard and drummer. Zach Kamins replaces long term member Tomas Bodin, while Mirkko De Maio joins the long list of TFK drummers. Without Bodin, I was worried. What is TFK without Bodin?

Well, as it turns out, Waiting for Miracles is an accessible festival of prog melodies and riffs with an incredibly clean and natural sound. What we have is a fresh, new vibe which, while it doesnt deviate too far from what we come to expect from The Flower Kings by now, has been reinvigorated with some ideas from a new generation of proggers. Remembering that TFK are now into their 50s - in order for the sound to continue down the line, Roine needs to start mentoring, and this album is a great start to that process.

But is it my favourite album? For nostalgia reasons, I still want to say Flower Power is still there, along with Paradox Hotel and Back in the World of Adventures. But in terms of what each album sets out to achieve and how it delivers, Waiting for Miracles gives the others a run for their money.

So no, not yet. But this may change after a few more listens. But one thing for certain, House of Cards and Black Flag ensures it has the title of 'Best Start'.

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